Collaboration, Transparency, Options, and Speed Create a New Path to Expert Certification

Collaboration - Combined Dataset

The Process With Integral

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Data Ingestion

Securely upload raw, structured or unstructured, data directly into the Privacy Workbench Platform for initial health analysis.


Data Tokenization

We collaborate with our trusted partners to tokenize the data to replace sensitive information with a non-sensitive equivalent while still allowing for analysis and processing.

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Data Customizations

Based on the risk profile of the dataset and defined use cases, detailed remediation options are surfaced and flagged for review.


Compliance Documentation

Generation of appropriate compliance documentation and an executive summary, essential for demonstrating compliance with relevant regulations and standards in an audit-ready format.

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Send to Destination(s)

Seamlessly deliver the certified data to the preferred destination enabling smooth integration and immediate utilization of the compliant data for analysis, reporting, or any other intended purpose.

Integral vs. The Expert Certification Process Today

A unique combination of capabilities for transparency & speed.


Reduction in Time to Expert Certification

10+ Weeks

The average time saved by teams using Integral’s cloud-based platform.


Increase in Data Retention

Optimal Data Fidelity

With full transparency into risk factors and remediation options.


Customer Satisfaction Rating


Continuous monitoring maintains data quality and enhances privacy.

Got 20 Minutes? See for Yourself

Schedule a demo with Integral’s Founder & CEO, Shubh Sinha, to learn more about streamlined expert certifications through easy-to-use, secure, automated software.

According to Our Customers, Integral is Different

“We needed to move fast for a client - we couldn’t have done it without Integral”

Five stars

“It was super easy, we onboard Integral into a private region of our cloud, and they were able to install their solution and run all of the analysis and get us results in a few days

Five stars

“It was fast, simple and we have confidence and trust in the results”

Five stars
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