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Why Integral?

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Launching the Privacy Revolution

Integral supports healthcare businesses in their effort to proactively identify areas of non-compliance and take corrective action before issues escalate.

Our platform rapidly identifies where HIPAA risks lie within datasets. We can process an extensive dataset and reveal fields that are more nuanced than the standard PHI fields. This gives our customers options when crafting datasets that are de-identified and optimized for the highest data fidelity.

This process, which used to take weeks or months, is now completed in just days, a speed made possible only after Integral’s launch. This speed greatly benefits our customers in several ways.

FinThrive Podcast

Healthcare Rethink - Episode 39

How Data Can Revolutionize Healthcare Research and Innovation

Healthcare Rethink - Episode 39

Healthcare Rethink's Brian Urban examines data's impact on revolutionizing healthcare research and innovation with his guest Shubh Sinha, the CEO and Cofounder of Integral.

FinThrive Podcast

Our Investors

General PartnershipHaystackVirtue
GreatpointCaffeinated CapitalVenrexAlso CapitalLiverampArray VC
General PartnershipVirtue
GreatpointCaffeinated CapitalVenrex
Also CapitalLiverampArray VC

According to Our Customers, Integral is Different

“We needed to move fast for a client - we couldn’t have done it without Integral”

- Executive, Top 10 Life Sciences Company

Five stars

“It was super easy, we onboard Integral into a private region of our cloud, and they were able to install their solution and run all of the analysis and get us results in a few days

- CTO, Leading Health Tech Company

Five stars

“It was fast, simple and we have confidence and trust in the results”

- Senior PM, Top 10 Life Sciences Company

Five stars
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