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Integral x Synthetic Data


[Redacted] Analytics Provider x Integral 
Blind Case Study

“It was super easy, we onboard Integral into a private region of our cloud, and they were able to install their solution and run all of the analysis and get us results in a few days”

-[Redacted] Executive Team

Analytics Provider x Integral Blind Case Study

Integral VS. The Expert Certification Process Today

Overly sensitive risk tolerances, slow turn arounds, opaque certification criteria, and heavily reduced datasets limit the potential of your data.

6 Days

The average workflow go-live timeline with Integral


Single point of communication for all stakeholders


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Schedule a demo with Integral’s Founder & CEO, Shubh Sinha, to learn more about streamlined expert certifications through easy-to-use, secure, automated software.

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Shubh Sinha

Activate your data in a matter of hours, rather than months, while easily supporting your overall HIPAA compliance requirements.


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