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Connect & Analyze Data Quickly

We enable companies to leverage data in
hours rather than months

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Our software aligns with HIPAA regulations and has strong security & privacy protections

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Flexible Compliance

Experiment with different elements to optimize for your business use case & maintain compliance

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Audit Management

Auto tracking and generating of all documentation for easy compliance reporting management

Expert Certifications-as-a-Service

Leveraging de-identified data enables companies to discover novel insights and make innovative business decisions. However, safely working with de-identified data requires expert certifications. Today, expert certifications are conducted by consultants who lack transparency, speed, and flexibility. Integral is an automated expert certification software that enables you to work with your data in hours, rather than months.

Without Integral

8 weeks

The average workflow go-live timeline


Email messages between teams and reviewers


Industry customer satisfaction rating

With Integral

2 weeks

The average workflow go-live timeline


Single view point of communication for all stakeholders


Customer satisfaction rating

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Enabling any company to work with healthcare data seamlessly and compliantly

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