Privacy-enhancing Evaluation and Expert Certification of Sensitive Data

Create de-identified datasets in days, rather than weeks.

How is Integral different?

The existing Expert Determination process is complicated and requires significant time, with much of the project driven by outside consultants. Long turnarounds and opaque certification criteria leave you with heavily reduced datasets - limiting the commercial potential of your data. Integral has created a new way for expert determinations with:


Reduction in Time to Expert Certification

10+ Weeks

The average time saved by teams using Integral’s cloud-based platform.


Average columns retained

Optimal Data Fidelity

With full transparency into risk factors and remediation options.


Of customers return for their next certification


Continuous monitoring maintains data quality and enhances privacy.

Capabilities That Retain Data Fidelity for Your Use Cases

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Got 20 Minutes? See for Yourself

Schedule a demo with Integral’s Founder & CEO, Shubh Sinha, to learn more about streamlined expert certifications through easy-to-use, secure, automated software.

According to Our Customers, Integral is Different

“We needed to move fast for a client - we couldn’t have done it without Integral”

Five stars

“It was super easy, we onboard Integral into a private region of our cloud, and they were able to install their solution and run all of the analysis and get us results in a few days

Five stars

“It was fast, simple and we have confidence and trust in the results”

Five stars

Safely Leverage Sensitive Healthcare Data at Unprecedented Speeds

Our technology makes dataset creation easier for pharmaceutical companies, payers and healthcare providers by automating the process for data de-identification and compliance certification.

Workflow Management

Collaborate with the users, stakeholders, and authorized personnel you need to throughout certification initiatives. Assign tasks and due dates, with system notifications to keep on schedule - all within the framework of each certification's specific requirements.

Workflow Management feature screenshot
Data Documentation feature screenshot

Data Documentation

Define datasets and use cases, stored centrally and version-controlled in Integral's data privacy suite.

Synthetic Sandbox

Confirm the compliant version of the data can satisfactorily achieve the commercial use case needs.

Synthetic Sandbox feature screenshot

Integral in the News

With our software, users can quickly create de-identified datasets that are ready for use in days instead of weeks.

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